How To Stay Safe When You Visit Big Cities

Big cities are exciting to visit. However, they come with a share of disappointments. Some people have reported negative instances about their visit to most big cities—even the most reputable ones. 

Some cities have insecure streets. There are some places you can’t walk without getting robbed. In other cities, you are at risk of kidnapping, and worst of it all, rape. All the evil social vices are hidden behind the glory you see in most of these cities. 

But how do you stay safe when you travel? That’s a question you need to ask yourself before you plan your next visit to a big city. 

This article will give you the basic things you need to do to stay safe in some of these big cities. 

  • Do Your Research 

It all begins with you. Even before you travel, do your research. Find all the relevant information about the city you intend to visit. 

It would be wise if you chose to travel to safe cities—those with fewer incidences of insecurity reported among them. 

And when you choose a city. Do your research to find out about its secure places. Go ahead and see where most incidences are reported. 

When you visit the city, avoid areas that have been reported to have much insecurity incidences. This will help in ensuring that you’re on the safe side when you travel. 

  • Get Help From Reputable Local Tour Guides 

If you’re touring the city, it’s safe when you are traveling with a tour guide. Some cities are not friendly to foreigners. And they notice someone who doesn’t live in the city immediately. 

But when you are moving around with a local tour guide, they act as your shield. You don’t get much bullying from the streets. And the best of it all, these foreigners will most probably negotiate rates and other things on your behalf. 

A tour guide will act as your security in an unsafe city. 

  • Don’t Attract Thieves or Bullies

Sometimes when you travel, you might bring problems to yourself. Your behavior and actions could attract thieves or bullying. 

For instance, when you’re traveling, don’t expose your valuables to the public. If you have fancy items, avoid showing them off to the public. If you keep your valuables to yourself, you won’t get noticed. 

Again when you’re in public, be polite to people. Don’t overreact over small issues. And most importantly, show respect to the locals. If you don’t, they won’t like it, and they will bully you. 

  • Lastly, Stay In Touch With A Friend 

When you travel to a city where you don’t know anyone stay in touch with your friends back at home. Let them know your plans and activities. 

And if you have a friend in the city, let them know you’re around. And if possible, tell them your plans in the city. 

This will make it easy for someone to watch over you just in case something goes wrong.